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+ Biotechnology

We are constantly seeking new and emerging biotechnologies, ways to collect, analyse or visualize information and computational solutions that will enable us to meet the needs of the grower. Areas that we are particularly interested in include:

  • Improving yields, drought tolerance, disease resistance, pest resistance, or combating weeds
  • Providing novel breeding technologies, especially for producing hybrid plants
  • Identifying important traits either by collecting or cross-analysing proteomic, metabalomic, phenomic, or genomic (or other ‘omic) data sets
  • Selecting, editing, modifying expression, or introduction of genes into plants

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+  Synthetic Chemicals

Syngenta is always on the lookout for new chemistry and chemical invention technologies.

We are interested in chemicals that significantly improve the yield and quality of the plants growers can produce. These can be used to:

  • Mitigate the effects of biotic stress, including insect, disease, weeds, nematodes or any other pest.
  • Help plants reach their full potential when under stress from heat, cold or drought.

As well as the chemicals themselves, any technologies that help more effectively identify, develop and deliver novel chemicals or improve safety are of interest.

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+ Germplasm, Breeding or Seed Technologies

We are committed to providing growers with the highest quality seed and better traits. This includes:

  • Plants or germplasm with improved resistance to heat, cold, drought, disease and pests, as well as traits bringing enhanced nutrition, flavor or other properties
  • Technologies that ensure seed purity, or allow sorting of seeds, coatings that enhance or improve the seed or seedling, artificial “seeds” for crops that do not normally propagate by seed
  • Better ways to make hybrid crops and reduce breeding times such as dihaploid technologies, or increasing recombination rates
  • New technologies to identify, visualize and track markers through the breeding process as well as predictive breeding technologies that identify the best combinations of traits and the crosses needed to get there

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+ Biological or Natural products

As part of Syngenta’s commitment to sustainability we seek natural or biological methods for improving plant health and performance. Areas of interest include:

  • Reducing or eliminating the effects of biotic stress, including insect, disease, weeds, nematodes or any other pest
  • Helping plants reach their full potential when under stress from heat, cold or drought
  • Improving the soil or uptake of nutrients

Biological or natural products include predatory insects, probiotics, extracts or broths from natural organisms and microbes that stimulate seedling or plant development. We are also interested in solutions that reduce competition from weeds, prevent or minimise consumption by herbivores, as well as new ways to produce or deliver these products to the growers that need them.

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+ Manufacturing, Process or Product Technologies

We are interested in any technologies that help to more effectively develop and manufacture products for growers that are effective, safe and convenient to apply.

Products must be designed and formulated for long shelf-life, optimal efficacy, ease of application, controlled release, and produced at scale in a sustainable way. In addition they need to be packaged and shipped safely. 

Key areas include:
  • Manufacturing & formulation technologies
  • Prediction, measurement, analysis or quality assurance technologies
  • Packaging, shipping, product application and controlled release technologies

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+ Computational methods

By 2050, the world's population will have increased by almost a third. Computational methods are increasingly important to help meet the challenges we face and are involved in everything we do. Examples of important areas are:

  • Better ways to solve “big data” problems
  • Modelling software for chemistry, DNA, RNA, proteins, crops, insect or disease spread, as well as models for crop, farm, or safety management
  • Computational methods for identifying key genes, alleles, combinations, regulatory networks, pathway modelling, or enabling predictive breeding

In short we are interested in any computational based approach that simplifies or accelerates our understanding and abilities to provide better products, deliver tools or knowledge, to the grower.

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+ Other Innovative solutions to Agricultural problems

New technology better enables us to find solutions to growers’ problems. If you feel that your idea does not fit the selections above, we can help you reach the right people within Syngenta. Some examples of new technologies include:

  • Precision agriculture, sensor, robotic or any other emerging technologies
  • Plant phenotyping technologies
  • Innovations for Lawn and Garden products

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