This section provides information about our submission and review process, including how to submit your idea, what happens to the information once you have submitted it and the type of response you can expect to receive.
+ How do I submit my idea to Syngenta’s thoughtseeders®?

This website is the place to submit ideas for collaboration, partnership, or license to Syngenta. You will need to create an account, which you can do here. Once you have created your account, you can complete the submission form here.

+ My idea is confidential. Can I still submit it?

All information submitted at the initial stage must be non-confidential. The information you provide should be enough for us to evaluate the idea and determine whether to progress to a more detailed evaluation without compromising your rights. At this stage we do not need to see and cannot consider any information marked confidential. We do not need to know the specific genes or chemistries at this point, but it does help us if you can share with us the class or family and you have some idea of the mode of action of the trait or chemistry (if this applies).

+ Who can see my submission?

Your submission is examined by a dedicated team that helps locate the right people at Syngenta to view your idea. If the idea fits a partnering area, then a team of specialists will be selected for a deeper consideration. In general your idea is only visible to a select team within Syngenta and its affiliates. While we do treat you information carefully, please remember that the information you provide is subject to the non-confidentiality statement that you have to accept and that allows us to receive your idea.

+ What should I include in my submission?

The best submissions include an explanation of how your idea relates to the areas in which Syngenta is particularly interested. We also ask for a brief, clear summary of your idea that demonstrates it’s potential. Key things that we are looking for are:

  • what your offer is
  • what it does
  • some evidence that it works or will work

Our portal enables you to attach documents supporting your idea. Please note that all attached documents are also considered to be non-confidential.

+ What if my idea relates to more than one area?

You can only select the area that best suits your idea. If your idea relates to more than one area, we encourage you to make suggestions of how it can be used in the abstract. Additionally, our team of experts will be looking to see if your idea is positioned correctly or if it could be useful in other areas. Our experts will make sure that your offer is reviewed by the right people at Syngenta.

+ What happens after I have submitted my idea?

You will receive an email within 24 hours, indicating that your submission has been received. You will continue to receive emails every time the status of your submission changes or proceeds to the next level. You can check the status of your submission by logging into your account and clicking ‘My Opportunities’. If you submit more than one idea, they will all be visible in this section.

+ Do I need to register a new account for each idea?

No. You only need one account, but each idea must be submitted separately. The status of all ideas can be viewed in the ‘My Opportunities’ section of your account.

+ How will Syngenta decide if they are interested?

Our internal review process is divided into three robust levels:

Find a sponsor
The thoughtseeders® team will make sure that your idea reaches the right people in Syngenta, no matter where in the world they might be. A thoughtseeders® evaluation leader will be automatically assigned to identify an appropriate internal decision maker or team. The evaluation leader will ensure that you have submitted enough information to allow evaluation.
Initial Evaluation
A sponsor or team will review your materials to see if your idea is a good match. Sometimes the thoughtseeders® team will reach out to you to better understand your offer and expectations during the Preliminary Evaluation phase.
Detailed Evaluation
During the Detailed Evaluation phase, Syngenta will be working with you to better understand the offer and how we will interact with you. We are likely to request information or materials from you under a confidentiality agreement at this stage.
If there is a good fit we will work with you to develop the next steps.
+ What sort of response can I expect?
You should receive an automated email within 24 hours confirming your submission. Once we have identified a team to review your idea you will receive a second automated email indicating that your idea has reached the “initial evaluation” stage. These stages will also be reflected on your thoughtseeders® account. The better your idea fits with Syngenta’s goals, or the more innovative it is, the more interaction you can expect to have. If your idea is a good fit then you will receive a personal email, or phone call with further questions from one of our evaluation teams to better understand the technology or to clarify technical issues and determine how we might work with you. We will also seek to understand your expectations. Further steps are always worked out with your input.
+ What will happen if Syngenta is interested in my idea?
We will work with you, and your team, to define how we will interact during the detailed evaluation phase.